Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Working at Home

Home Office

5 Needs

Every Home Office Must Have…

A home office is an office at home. Not everyone realizes this. It is a place to work; it is a place to maintain your productivity. There are 5 things every home office needs.

1) Good smell - I'm not saying your home smells like a garbage can; I imagine it smells nice. Still, you are spending a substantial amount of time in your office. Consider the pressure; the long hours; the sweat. You want to find something that gels with you. Maybe you are a candle person, or maybe you like a plug-in scent. Either way, keep it handy 

2) A list - Everyone needs a sheet with the day's goals/agenda on it. Without it, you may find yourself reading blogs or searching for a black Friday deal. Careful. Make a list and cross off items as you go.

The remaining items really put the P in productivity!

3) Layers of clothing - You get hot. Take off. You get cold. Put on. There's no need to fiddle with the thermostat and play with windows. A 2-second change is all you need.

4) Music/white noise - Sometimes you get bored with listening to the clack of your keyboard. Then there are times when the silence is deafening. Have your playlist ready.

5) Take breaks.

Oops, I almost forgot to finish. I was taking a break. Ha. Ha? Anyway, take a break. Clear your head. Schedule break time on your list. You'll be amazed what 5 minutes will do.

There's your list. Enjoy your home office.

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