Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Developing Life

Reaching out

One of the most important aspects of remote mentoring happens to be the need on my end to reach out. You might say that you always reach out to your mentees and the documents on best practices. This is true and good. Nevertheless, I need to contact other stakeholders. I have to remember to contact the founders. I have to remember to develop and maintain relationships w those, who are proximically close to the mentees. These "outsiders" may not have a vested interest, but they may help guide my decisions or notify me of circumstances/events that I do not have priveleged information.

At one time, I conceived remote mentoring as having a relationship with a small cadre of individuals. No. My experience stretches beyond a small group. It's not that I am a small gardner in my green house. Instead, I am one of many forest rangers helping along education, conservation, and development of the world at large.

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