Thursday, November 24, 2016

Stewardship...not what you think


Seeing Clearly

Stewardship is…

In my tiny corner of the world, I was taught about "stewardship". It was always akin to tithing; it was always something on Sunday. But, that's not all it is.

Do you remember those commercials featuring talking bears and owls? Let me refresh your memory. It was the late 70s, and President Carter encouraged the idea of conservation. It was seen as the right thing to do. You picked up your clothes; raked the leaves; placed trash in the proper receptacles; and prevented forest fires. You cherished your home, your state, the world.

This is stewardship. It is a posture – a praxis. In my humble opinion it isn't about being one way or another. Instead, it is about taking care of your belongings. You guard your phone, correct? You guard your family, correct? You guard your club, correct? You are a good steward. You role is who you are.

This is just my opinion. Give it a little thought. Think about it when it's convenient.

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