Tuesday, November 1, 2016

About Me


An introvert is at work.

Slow thoughtful traffic is ahead.

Do you recall those children that knew at 5yrs they wanted to be doctors and lawyers, and they were going to do great things, and they had a 4 stage plan for success, and they wrote goals in their lockers, and told everybody they met what was in store?

Well, I was not that child. Through trial and error I studied Theology, English, Secondary Education, and Music. I became a religion teacher and worked hard for 9 years.

Now, that time has transformed into my new careers. One has yet to materialize. The other is present.

I mentor students. I help students with writing in their 3rd language - English. These students are interested in all things tech, the environment, and social change. These students live in Kenya, and I live in Kentucky.

I will use this blog to reflect and teach you about this chapter of my life.


By the way, Pauses for Paws is a title from earlier this year. "Paws" stands for partiers, artists, workers, and socialites. What? That is a story for a later date.

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