Saturday, December 31, 2016

Don't Take it Personal

Don't Take It Personal

A line from the title song of Jermaine Jackson's 1980s album

That point in life

"What is true?" you ask. We are playing our roles. Sometimes the role requires that we line up and punch the innocent. For a visual, see Jolie's Unbroken.

It's sad but wait. The machine can only gobble us when we turn off our feelings – our minds. Without that, it hurts like hell, but we are working toward a solution. This is mentoring; it is saying, "I am struggling with!" This is what solidarity is. It's not honorable hollywood; the people revolt, and they live happily ever after. For a visual, see Smith's I, Robot. Instead, it is the mud. For a visual, see Northup's 12 Years a Slave or Knight's Free State of Jones.

Solidarity is not us vs them. It is discovering where your niche lies given the decisions of everyone else.

These are my words and don't take them personally.

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